How To Use Domino Clamps

How to attach a tube vertically to a shipping container

In this blog we’ll show you how to attach various lengths and diameters of metal tube or pipe vertically to a shipping container using our selection of vertical tube clamp accessories. Why attach a tube vertically to a shipping container? A tube attached vertically to a shipping container is the...

How to attach a scaffold tube perpendicular to the side of a shipping container

In this blog we’ll show you how to attach a tube or pipe perpendicular out of the side of the corner casting so that it comes out at a 90 degree angle away from the container. Attaching a bar or horizontal support to a container is a really practical way of then attaching other things off your container, particularly things which can hang, like signage, lighting, drapes or banners.

How to correctly tie rope and tension wire to a shipping container

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A rope or tension wire attached to a shipping container can provide a useful addition to your conversion project. In this blog we will provide an overview of how to correctly attach a rope or tension wire using an M12 eyebolt, available now in our shop. Why attach a rope...

How to Make brackets for your shipping container attachments


In this new series of blogs we want to show you some examples of how you can make your own custom Bolt-Ons for Domino Clamps to attach other accessories and additions to your shipping containers, using methods that we have not yet provided options for in our webshop.

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