How to attach tube horizontally along the side of a shipping container

How to attach a tube horizontally along the side of a shipping container

So far we’ve provided solutions to attach a metal tube to a shipping container vertically, for attaching accessories like floodlights and CCTV. And horizontally, sticking out perpendicular to the container which can be particularly useful if you want to attach something at the same height as the top of the shipping container like a hanging sign. So the final orientation to solve was to attach a tube horizontally along the side of a container. 

Four ways of attaching a tube to a shipping container

For this How-To, we’ve once again teamed up with Interclamp to customise one of their 48mm tube clamps to solve the problem. 

Horizonal tube along the side of a shipping container


Why attach a horizontal tube to a shipping container? 

A horizontal tube attached along your container can be used  for hanging decorative or advertising banners. Perhaps fabric or a camo net draped over, tied to the tube or using a pipe and drape system. You can use lighting G clamps to hang things off it, or perhaps use it as a support to run power cabling or water pipe on a construction site in order to keep it up off the floor where it might get damaged or present a trip hazard It could also help provide a bottom horizontal fixing point for a handrail system around the top of a container. 

What you'll need 

  • Two Domino Clamps
  • Two horizontal (parallel) tube clamps for 48mm scaffolding tube, with M12 x 30mm screws and washers
  • A section of 48mm diameter steel or aluminum tube, that’s the size of a scaffolding tube here in the UK, or a 1 1/2 “ NSP pipe in the States. This needs to be at least long enough to span the two clamps
  • A 10mm hex key for the Domino Clamps
  • A 8mm hex key for the grub screws on the tube clamp
  • A 19mm ratchet spanner, or adjustable spanner


How to put it together 

  1. Attach a Domino Clamp into the face of each of the two corner castings that your tube will connect to following our detailed installation instructions if you're unfamiliar with the technique here.  
  2. Using the M12 screws provided, attach the tube clamps to the Dominos through the two 13mm diameter holes spaced 50mm apart. They will attach to either of the two pairs of threaded holes on the left or the right of the Domino Clamp. You’ll notice there’s not lots of room here for whatever tool you use for tightening these, so you may find it best to do the first bit by hand and then tighten the bolts with a ratchet spanner.
  3. Once both of your tube clamps are firmly in place, feed your tube through both of the horizontal tube clamps and tighten up the grub screws.



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