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Shipping Container Brackets & Adapters

The brackets and adapters available in this selection are among our most versatile attachments, suitable for an enormous range of applications and purposes. Whether you want to mount equipment, attach a roof, a lean-to shelter, or enhance the functionality of your shipping container - our shipping container mounting brackets and adapters will be useful for an infinite number of container conversions. 

Check our products or learn more in the shipping container brackets FAQs further down this page.



The brackets and adapters will help you attach things to a container beyond what Domino Clamps can do by themselves by changing the size and position of the attachment point, as well as moving the attachment plane from vertical to horizontal.

They are therefore particularly useful for additions to the container which will stick out of the side, such as a lean-to awning or exterior racking, and on top of the container, such as photovoltaic solar panels. 

Our brackets and adapters are designed to endure the toughest outdoor and weather conditions. We use high-quality materials to design for resilience and strength - so that they provide steadfast support for your outdoor projects. 


Need more information? Read our FAQs

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How do your brackets and adapters attach to the shipping container?

How do I determine the right bracket type for my shipping container project?

What materials are your brackets made of?

Are they suitable for outdoor use?

Do your brackets and adapters come with mounting hardware, and what tools are required for installation?

Are your brackets and adapters suitable for all shipping containers and sizes?

What load capacities do your brackets support, and are they suitable for heavy-duty applications?

How can I get further assistance or technical support?

Can your brackets be customised or modified for specific project requirements?