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Domino Clamps were born out of frustration when constructing standalone structures and lighting poles at events when perfectly usable shipping containers were nearby which could be used as structural fixing points… 

We thought, why isn’t there a product which would allow us to bolt lighting equipment and anything else we needed to the container, but without damaging it?

As a result, the team at Domino Clamps was formed by experienced industry professionals, product designers and structural engineers to develop and make a product which is…

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We are an engineering firm in the UK with an unique product, which allows you to attach almost anything to a shipping container.

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Safe and Strong

Domino Clamps are strong, safe and easy to use.

They have been extensively tested to ensure that their impressive strength rating can be relied upon for your shipping container project.

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Domino Clamps attach a metal plate with four threaded M12 holes to the corner castings, so you can use them to bolt just about anything to a shipping container.

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No Damage

The Domino Clamp attaches to either of the side holes in the ISO corner castings, so there is no need to damage your container when attaching things to the outside. Instead, bolt whatever you need directly to the Domino Clamp itself and put away your drills, angle grinders and welding unit... you won't need them. 

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We ship worldwide to you

Made in Britain, shipped Worldwide

Domino Clamps are drop-forged here in the UK and distributed directly to you, wherever you are in the world with express worldwide shipping.

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Domino Clamps are made to last a lifetime. Their double protective finish will protect them from the weather and they are removable and reusable so they can be used again and again...

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