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Improving your shipping container security

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If you are using your shipping container for storing valuable items such as machinery or construction equipment you may run the risk of it being broken into if you don't have additional security measures in place. So what can you do to ensure your shipping container is protected?

Why use shipping containers as storage?

In order to give you some information about using shipping containers for storage, we thought it best to get it directly from the expert; so we spoke to Patrick Hicks from the CSTA - Container Self-Storage & Traders Association to answer some of your questions.

Shipping container sizes

In this blog we explain the standard ISO shipping container sizes and most common aftermarket applications these are used for. Standard ISO shipping containers are 8.5ft high and come in four lengths; 10ft, 20ft 40ft and 45ft externally.

The difference between a Domino Clamp and a twistlock

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We have had a few enquiries from people trying to gain a better understanding of the difference between a twistlock and a Domino Clamp. It is important to understand the difference, as despite their apparent similarities, they do very different jobs, with little or no crossover between them in terms of their function. In this blog we are going to cover the similarities and differences for you.

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