How To Use Domino Clamps

How to make a ramp for a shipping container

We are going to show you how to make your own shipping container ramp to make loading and unloading your container quicker, easier and safer. The Domino Ramp is designed for rolling wheeled items like flight cases, motorbikes, pallet trucks & sack barrows in and out of a shipping container and the Dominos will prevent the ramp from sliding away particularly when wheeling heavy objects out of the container. 

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Mounting a comms mast to a shipping container

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James Way, Assistant Harbour Master and VTS Manager at Guernsey Ports, recently used Domino Clamps to secure communication masts to the side of their new Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) control room which is built from converted shipping containers. VTS is basically the equivalent of air traffic control at sea.

Attaching a ringlock scaffold structure to a shipping container

Mihalis Kuzmics, an ex-marine surveyor and founder of BOTC training in Latvia, recently used Domino Clamps to attach a ringlock scaffold structure incorporating ladders and a platform to a shipping container, creating a mobile training site that is mainly used for their Work at Height Training.

Attaching a banner to a shipping container solar battery

Adal Advertising is a Domino Clamps customer from the Netherlands, who recently put together this substantial steel tube frame on the side of a shipping container in order to attach a huge advertising banner to the side of it.

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