How To Use Domino Clamps

Installing solar panels on a shipping container

Engineering students at the University of Liverpool are using Domino Clamps as the interface between a Unistrut frame for mounting solar panels on the roof of the container and the insulated shipping container itself that will house a fridge to create a solar powered cold storage facility.

How to attach a solar floodlight to a shipping container

If you have been looking for ways to attach a floodlight directly to shipping containers, you may have already found our instructions for installing a full height floodlight kit, but not thought about using a solar floodlight instead of a conventional wired one. Here we’ll explore the advantages of attaching a solar floodlight above your shipping container.

How to attach Unistrut channel to a shipping container

Unistrut channel systems are a highly practical and versatile set of building blocks, allowing you to build fully customised support systems and structures without the need for welding or drilling. For those old enough to remember, they are a lot like meccano, but for adults.

Sound-proofing the generator on a containerised data center

Foldam Staalbouw, based in the Netherlands, provides structural steel solutions for residential and industrial construction projects and data centers. We spoke to Hatem Abdelaziz, the project manager about a recent data center project they worked on using Domino Clamps.

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