How To Use Domino Clamps

Attaching a ringlock scaffold structure to a shipping container

Mihalis Kuzmics, an ex-marine surveyor and founder of BOTC training in Latvia, recently used Domino Clamps to attach a ringlock scaffold structure incorporating ladders and a platform to a shipping container, creating a mobile training site that is mainly used for their Work at Height Training.

Attaching a banner to a shipping container solar battery

Adal Advertising is a Domino Clamps customer from the Netherlands, who recently put together this substantial steel tube frame on the side of a shipping container in order to attach a huge advertising banner to the side of it.

How to attach a tube vertically to a shipping container

In this blog we’ll show you how to attach various lengths and diameters of metal tube or pipe vertically to a shipping container using our selection of vertical tube clamp accessories. Why attach a tube vertically to a shipping container? A tube attached vertically to a shipping container is the...

How to bolt structural timber to a shipping container

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In this blog we are going to show you how to bolt structural timber onto your ISO shipping container, quickly and easily, and without having to make a single hole in your container.  Once attached, the timber can be used as a basis for many additions such as a roof deck or building another structure off the side of your container such as a carport or shade structure.

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