Adding CCTV cameras  to a shipping container self storage site

Adding CCTV cameras to a shipping container self storage site

Tidworth Self Storage, in Shipton Bellinger UK is a family run business offering secure individual self-storage units at a competitive rate. We spoke to Peter Scott, their Managing Director about a recent project they completed to install CCTV to the site, using Domino Clamps. Onsite security and theft deterrent is of course the highest priority so they came to Domino Clamps when improving their CCTV coverage.

The CCTV camera needed to sit 1.5cm away from the corner castings in order so it cleared the stairway from the side, for this reason Peter decided to get the brackets for the CCTV specially fabricated by a local company they had used before. They also decided to have a 5m vertical square pole fabricated to accommodate four of the CCTV units higher up.

Tidworth Self Storage CCTV

Peter had previously had CCTV equipment attached by using a bracket that screwed into the container but they didn't want to use that method again or weld the bracket onto the container because of the damage it would cause… Peter also thought the Domino Clamps system looked so much more professional, and had the added bonus that they can be removed if required.

The Domino Clamp was absolutely fantastic, I found it very easy to work with, although I did put it upside down to start off with, so maybe I should have read the instructions! But it was quick enough to remove it and put it the correct way up.

(Although it doesn't actually make any difference which way up it is, it just looks weird upside down)


When we asked Peter to describe Domino Clamps in three words he said Professionally designed and built.


Great to hear from you Peter, thanks for your feedback!

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