Introducing our new Unistrut pipe clamps

Introducing our new Unistrut pipe clamps

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You may already know that we stock a range of Interclamp’s cast iron tube clamps which are available for 34, 42 and 48mm diameter tube (1”, 1 ¼” & 1 ½” pipe) but if you’re looking to attach tubes, pipes and cylindrical masts with a larger diameter than that, then our new Unistrut pipe clamps are perfect for the job!

Unistrut Pipe Clamp

What size tubes and pipes can you attach with the Unistrut pipe clamps?

These four new kits can be used to attach 48-50mm, 60mm, 76mm and 89mm outside diameter tube, If you're in the States that translates to 1½ , 2, 2½ and 3 inch NPS pipe. For a full explanation about tube and pipe size standards and terminology for both metric and imperial, check out our blog here.

It is important to note that unlike the 48mm tube clamps, these clamps can be used to attach a tube of 50mm outside diameter. This can be useful for some specialised aluminium tube, 50mm outside diameter ERW tube, and products such as Unicol columns, none of which will fit in the 48mm Interclamp range. 

In which orientations will the clamps attach my pipe and tube?

You can use these kits to attach tube both horizontally and vertically. 

Up to two pipe clamp assemblies can be attached to a single Domino Clamp at the same time. 

If you're only attaching your pipe to a single corner casting and you want to add some stability to a short length of tube, then you can attach two pipe clamp assemblies simultaneously to one Domino Clamp, or for a long piece of pipe use a Domino Clamp and a pipe clamp on each of the top and bottom corner castings.

Unistrut Pipe clamps: sizes and orientation.

48-50mm 0D
1 ½" NB
60mm 0D
2" NB
76mm 0D
2 ½" NB
89mm 0D
3" NB
Vertically from a single corner casting View Product View Product View Product View Product
Vertically from two corner castings View Product View Product View Product View Product
Horizontal parallel to the container View Product View Product View Product View Product
Horizontal perpendicular to the container

Unistrut pipe clamp orientations

The clamps attach directly to a piece of Unistrut channel, and these new kits come with everything you need, to attach your pipe, including: 

  • A 20cm Length of Unistrut channel, with end caps pre-fitted
  • (2x) M10 Spring nuts
  • (2x) M12 Dome screws and washers
  • (2x) M10 Set screws and washers
  • A 48-50mm, 60mm, 76mm or 89mm Unistrut pipe clamp 
  • A Domino Clamp (or just buy the “assembly” version without the Domino Clamp)

How to put it together 

  1. Start by installing the Domino Clamp in either the shield or stadium shaped holes in one of the corner castings at the top or bottom of your container following our detailed installation instructions if you're unfamiliar with the technique.
  2. Bolt the Unistrut channel to the Domino Clamp using the dome headed M12 screws and washers, using a 8mm hex key. You can attach this either vertically or horizontally, depending on the required orientation of the pipe.
  3. Push in the spring nuts and rotate them so they are stuck in the channel approximately the distance between the holes in your saddle clamp. 
  4. Put the pipe clamp around the pipe and use the M10 screws and washers to fix the saddle clamp to the spring nuts in the channel, tighten the M10 screws evenly to secure everything in place without pinching the pipe.

This can be done both vertically up the side, and above the container, as well as horizontally along the side of the container. For more information read our Ultimate guide to attaching tube to a shipping container.

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