Unistrut Pipe Clamp Assembly E: 48-50mm OD



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Our Unistrut pipe clamp assemblies allow you to attach a wide range of pipe and tube to a shipping container including sizes both smaller and larger than our steel tube clamps range.

The assembly includes everything you need to attach the tube to the Domino Clamp, while the full kit includes the Domino Clamp as well.


48-50mm OD Unistrut Pipe Clamp Assembly.

Suitable for attaching the following sizes of tube or pipe to a shipping container:

  • Outside diameter: 48-50mm, 1.9"
  • Inside Diameter:    40mm, DN 40mm, 1.5" NPS , 1.5" NB

This assembly will also attach tube with an outside diameter of 50mm, including ERW welded tube and Unicol poles. 

🤔 Confused about pipe sizes? Check out this blog for an in-depth explanation.

The assemblies bolt onto a Domino Clamp using the socket cap screws provided the and can be used to attach tube either horizontally or vertically. Up to two assemblies can be attached to a Domino Clamp at a time. 

Each assembly consists of:

  • (1x) 20cm length of Unistrut P1000T
  • (1x) PS0403 Unistrut Pipe Clamp
  • (2x) Unistrut end caps 41x41mm
  • (2x) M12 x 20mm socket cap screw
  • (2x) M12 Form A washer
  • (2x) M10x35mm Hex head set screw
  • (2x) M10 Form A washer
  • (2x) Unistrut spring channel nut


Other sizes available in the range: