Attaching an awning to a shipping container tiny home

Attaching an awning to a shipping container tiny home

We spoke to Blake Riley, founder and owner of Solitary Shack, the first and only shipping container home in Jackson County about his experience using Domino Clamps.

Solitary Shack originally started when Blake was browsing on YouTube in 2020 and saw people building tiny homes and renting them out on Airbnb. He asked himself, “Why couldn’t I do that?” After a couple years of buying and slowly prepping the land, then building his tiny home they finally launched!

Shipping Container Awning

For their first build, Blake utilised a 20ft high cube shipping container. They wanted to go with something unique that stood out from the other local rentals in Cashiers, NC.

When Blake first started the project he was having to drill things into the container which wasn’t really efficient, opting into using Domino Clamps allowed them to have more flexibility and freedom to create the awning they wanted.

Blake said Drilling into the container would have been an irreversible decision, Domino Clamps allowed us to be worry free during this process.


Once they found Domino Clamps they were able to build the awning without having to use concrete piers next to the container as a foundation for the awning. This also removed what would’ve been a gap that water could potentially fall through between the awning and the shipping container. 

Blake found Domino Clamps on YouTube, he said I follow a lot of shipping container fabricators and they utilise your products effectively.


Next, Blake plans to use Domino Clamps to attach some exterior lighting to his shipping container holiday home.

When we asked Blake to describe Domino Clamps in three words he said Saved The Day!


Great to hear from you Blake, thanks for your feedback!

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