Introducing our new bolt and weld adapter plate

Introducing our new bolt and weld adapter plate


If you’re looking to attach something to your shipping container and the holes don't line up with the M12 threads on the Domino Clamp, or there’s no bolting opportunities at all and it needs to be welded, then our new Bolt and weld adapter plate is for you!

We have seen quite a few of our customers create their own versions of something like this for their various projects, so we decided to make one available to you in our shop.

Bolt and Weld Adapter Plate

What can you use the bolt & weld adapter plate for? 

This 8mm thick galvanised steel multipurpose adapter plate offers you many more options for how you can attach your structures onto a Domino Clamp, by both offering a much larger surface area to connect to, as well as the opportunity to weld directly to the plate, without doing so directly to the container.  

Since the plate is much larger than the front face of the domino clamp, it is particularly well suited to applications where fixing points are needed a little further apart from each other than the Domino Clamp currently offers. 

Bolting options:

Our adapter plate comes with four pre-drilled holes to line up with the four M12 threads on the front of the Domino, as well as being countersunk for M12 Countersunk heads, leaving a completely flat surface to start from.    

You can use the existing M10 holes in the corners to bolt things to it or drill your own holes to suit your product, (you may want to add some corrosion protection on the inside of the new holes if you do this).

Welding options:

Alternatively, you can grind away some of the galvanised finish and weld directly onto the plate, offering you the benefits of welding but without damaging your container. Using the bolt and weld plate as an interface to weld onto also means that the welds would not need to be removed if you want to remove the attachment in the future, you can simply remove the Bolt & Weld Plate and Domino Clamp. 

How to put it together 

  1. Start by installing the Domino Clamp in either the shield or Stadium shaped holes in one of the corner castings at the top or bottom of your container following our detailed installation instructions if you're unfamiliar with the technique.
  2. Attach the Bolt & weld adapter plate using the four M12 x 25mm countersunk screws provided using an 8mm hex key. The central hole should line up neatly with the central bolt on the Domino Clamp; if it doesn't, rotate it 180 degrees and try again.  

The adapter plate features:

  • Four countersunk holes to leave you with a flush surface to attach to.
  • Four 11mm diameter holes to bolt to. (M10 bolts included)
  • A central hole to allow access to do up and undo the Domino Clamp
  • Can be fitted to the upper or lower corner castings.
  • 8mm thick mild steel plate
  • Galvanised finish

Bolt and Adapter Plate dimensions

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I am thrilled to stumble upon this game-changing innovation by DominoClamps! The new Bolt and Weld Adapter Plate is undoubtedly a game-changer in the welding world. As a seasoned welder myself, I can’t help but appreciate the versatility and efficiency this product brings to the table. The integration of bolt and weld capabilities not only simplifies the welding process but also opens up a myriad of possibilities for creative and robust joint designs. It’s refreshing to see companies like DominoClamps pushing the boundaries of traditional welding techniques, making our jobs easier and more efficient. Kudos to the team for introducing such a groundbreaking product!
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