Attaching gym equipment to a shipping container

Attaching gym equipment to a shipping container

Established in 2014, Will To Train offers online personal training and group fitness sessions based in Ruislip. We spoke to Will who describes himself as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and lover of all things fitness related, about his experience using Domino Clamps.

Parallel tube and gym rings attached to the side of a shipping container

Will’s group fitness sessions are based at a rugby club. Having access to the playing fields and storing his equipment in a shipping container, he wanted to build some form of frame to allow TRX suspension trainers, gym rings and pull up bars to hang off allowing for multiple exercises to be performed on them.

Will searched Google with keywords related to shipping containers and attaching gym equipment to them and came across Domino Clamps, he also found the Domino Clamps channel on YouTube.

Before Domino Clamps, Will was simply attaching the TRX and gym rings to trees. 

Will said before using Domino Clamps he always had to find a tree branch safe enough to hold the client's bodyweight, he also had to find enough tree branches on a tree to accommodate multiple TRX and gym rings. In addition, the branches had to be low enough for Will to physically be able to get the straps around the branches to attach the TRX.

Will solved the problem by installing a horizontal 48mm tube along the top of the container using two Domino Clamps and two perpendicular tube clamps.

Will said “Domino Clamps solved all of these issues as the fitting is semi permanent, the structure is safe, and most of all it looks much more professional and is less time consuming to set up my equipment!”

Monkey bars and gym rings attached to a shipping container

The options are endless, all coming from the original Domino Clamps attachment to the shipping container!


In the future Will intends to extend more scaffolding poles to his current set up. This will allow for monkey bars, dip bars and other various calisthenic exercises. With more bars attached this also means he will have the option of attaching more TRX, gym rings and things like hanging boxing bags and battle ropes etc. 


When we asked Will to describe Domino Clamps in three words he said My objective met!


Great to hear from you Will, thanks for your feedback!

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