Improving security on a shipping container storage site

Improving security on a shipping container storage site

Norwest Storage, a self storage facility in Burscough, Lancashire, was founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. We spoke to the owner Dan who recently used Domino Clamps to expand the security provided on site.

Norwest Storage CCTV image

Dan, who has years of experience working all over the world as a marine chief engineer found Domino Clamps online whilst doing research for his project. A single CCTV camera  was installed by his landlord but Dan decided to supplement this himself in order to improve the security of both his yards with more comprehensive CCTV coverage.. After purchasing a self tracking dome camera, Dan installed a long vertical pole using two Domino Clamps and a vertical tube clamp set and had the new CCTV hardware up and working in under 30 minutes, working just by himself, using the one person hinging method outlined in the how to video. Mounting a full length scaffold pole to the container allowed Dan to get the cameras higher up offering better coverage of the entire yard.  The process was worthwhile, he says, because the cameras serve as a good visual deterrent, as well as giving the customers confidence when they see the cameras tracking movements around the site

Before he came across Domino Clamps, Dan had made some clamps himself out of rigging equipment but said that in comparison the Domino Clamps were on a whole different level, superior in every way, great quality and so effective. 

“In my 30 years of experience as an Engineer I have found that the more simple something is, the better it works. I can't see how you could improve on the Domino Clamps. You are only limited by your own imagination!”


Dan intends to use the Domino Clamps to attach a jacking system he has designed for his next project. The system will allow the smaller containers on site to be able to be moved around the yard easily by incorporating wheels. When he was designing the system Dan was thinking of all different ways to attach the jacks to the corner castings but as soon as he worked with Domino Clamps for the CCTV project, he knew they were the solution he needed. The Domino Clamps were the missing piece of the project.

When we asked Dan to describe Domino Clamps in three words he said: “Simple, Safe and Effective”

Great to hear from you Dan, thanks for your feedback!

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