Mounting a 50ft radio tower to a shipping container

Mounting a 50ft Radio Tower to a Shipping Container

We spoke to our customer Sophie, who is living on 102 acres of land in Kentucky and used to have severe internet and cell signal issues. Reliable reception is crucial for Sophie as she builds and manages her business and daily communications from her remote property.

To improve reception, Sophie wanted to mount a 50ft radio tower on one of her shipping containers.

After explaining her problem to us we took on the challenge to modify one of our kits to help her solve her connectivity problems.

The problem

Our customer encountered a typical issue; for full connectivity the Starlink needs good visibility of the sky. The location of Sophie’s property caused her connection issues in the summer when leaves on the surrounding trees began blocking satellite internet signals. Her Starlink worked only in winter when there were no leaves on the trees.

After carrying out some research Sophie decided that an antenna or radio mast could provide her with a solution to lift her communication devices up above the treeline to improve coverage. 

Digging a hole to mount the tower in seemed intimidating and the chances were high that it would not be sitting up straight in the end. She set about finding a solution which would allow her to attach the tower to one of her two shipping containers she already had on site which she was using for storage.

Everything Sophie read online said that putting the tower on top of the shipping container wasn't a good solution. Drilling into the roof seemed like a bad idea and besides it was clear that the roofs are not designed to be load-bearing. The container would also need to be drilled to secure a comms mast or tower, which meant damaging the container.

The solution

Sophie found Domino Clamps on YouTube and immediately contacted us to discuss a solution. She says she was pleasantly surprised to find herself immediately in direct communication with experts who made the solution process remarkably straightforward.

She sent photos and measurements of the 50ft radio tower that she had already purchased from Facebook Marketplace (for the bargain price of $50).The tower was made out of three vertical tubes, of which we could only attach two to the Domino Clamps.

We developed a custom kit to mount the 50ft tower carrying Sophie’s wifi and cellphone receivers: It consisted of four saddle clamps in two rows of two, mounted to two 30cm lengths of Unistrut per Domino Clamps. This arrangement was repeated for both the upper and lower Domino Clamps. This ensured we had the most point of contact possible on the radio tower for maximum security.

The custom kit for attaching the Radio Mast


The result

Sophie and her helpers were extremely happy when they opened the package. She says the Domino Clamps and kit were the perfect solution to her problem. Between herself and the other three people she had enlisted to help her with the project they put the kit together without any issues.

I am just so happy that you guys exist. You were so helpful and responsive with great technical knowledge. I’d rather go for a quality product and do it right than have to come back and do the job again


Radio Mast Installation


Sophie’s conclusion - The experience with Domino Clamps

Sophie was impressed at the responsiveness of Justin and the Domino Clamps team. Especially as she is starting her own business, she greatly appreciated the quick and knowledgeable assistance she received.

Sophie's experience with Domino Clamps was very positive, she says, and now thanks to the custom kit she has improved internet and cell phone signal at her homestead. She appreciated the quality of the product and the excellent customer service.

Together with her partner Sophie is looking to buy a container home in the future and says she has already been having many ideas for applications they can attach using Domino Clamps.

When we asked Sophie to describe Domino Clamps in three words she said Simple hardcore sturdiness!

Thank you, Sophie, for your feedback and for making plans for future projects with Domino Clamps.

More solutions

After helping Sophie solve her connectivity issues, we've expanded our product range. ⁤

You can also take a look at our YouTube channel, where Sophie initially found us, for ⁤helpful tutorials and updates.

 The Process

The Radio Mast and Unistrut kit

 The Radio Tower and Unistrut Kit before Installation

Unistrut Kits in Situ

Unistrut Kit before and after Installation

Putting up the Radio Mast

Installing the Radio Tower

Radio Mast Installation

Putting the Radio Tower into position

Securing the Radio Mast

Securing the Radio Tower

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