Building a branded shipping container structure

Building a branded shipping container structure

We spoke to Renato, a set designer by trade, who works in the Product Development & Survey department at Allertons Event Branding about his experience using Domino Clamps for shipping container branding.

Allertons Event Branding specialise in on site branding and branded structures for horse racing events, and have 25 years of experience working on clients’ projects in the UK and Europe.

Shipping container branding for event structures

Their client required a temporary structure marking the winning post to be erected at Cheltenham Racecourse. The finished structure needed to be 14m x 5m with the ability to attach branding on all sides and flags flying above it so that it would be visible to the spectators in the stands and to those watching the event live on TV. 

Branded shipping container structureThe finished branded shipping containers made by Allertons Event Branding

Located at the base of the Cotswold Hills, the Cheltenham racecourse is quite exposed, and the team needed to prepare for up to 70 mph winds in the runup to the event. As such, shipping containers were chosen to provide a solid but nevertheless temporary structural basis for the standalone construction that would mark the finish line.

Utilising two 20’ shipping containers as a starting point, Renato set about finding a method to encase the shipping containers in a steel framework to allow the branding to be attached without damaging the rented containers.

Attaching a frame and branding to two shipping containers

Renato and his team hadn't worked with shipping containers before but after searching on Google for shipping container connections, they came across Domino Clamps which Renato quickly realised were perfect for the job. After seeking approval from his engineering team to ensure the Domino Clamps would be suitably rated for strength, and therefore be able to be signed off for health and safety purposes, the plans for the steel structure fixed to the Containers using Domino Clamps moved on to the next phase. 

Shipping container branding with steel structures
A framework was created across two shipping containers as a base structure

A steel framework was erected around the two shipping containers, onto which attached the printed panels with the advertiser’s logos, and other decorative features. Finally The team used two pairs of vertical tube clamps to attach the two flag poles with flags bearing the Cheltenham racecourse logo. 

Attaching panels for shipping container branding
As a next step the panels were added to the frame

The Domino Clamps made the solution to our very difficult challenge very simple.

With six people working on the project, using 32 Domino Clamps in total, it took around two weeks to complete the project due to severe adverse weather conditions at the time. However, Renato said something similar should take around five days next time.

When we asked Renato to describe Domino Clamps in three words he said Safe, durable and unique.


Great to hear from you Renato, thanks for your feedback!

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