Introducing our range of shipping container brackets

Introducing our range of shipping container brackets


Attaching something to a shipping container isn't always as easy as simply bolting something to the vertical side of the corner casting.

Many structures such as roofs, awnings, and subframes for solar panels may need a horizontal support or mounting point. That is the reason we have been developing this range of shipping container brackets, to cover a variety of use cases and load requirements.

What type of shipping container brackets are available and how can I use them?

All our shipping container brackets can be attached to Domino Clamps either down at ground level or at the top of the container. Use them to attach structural timber around the upper edge of the container, support an overhanging shade canopy or awning, provide a solid mounting point above the shipping container or even bolt your container to the floor.

All of our brackets are hot dip galvanised and come with the M12x25mm set screws and washers required for attaching to the Domino Clamp.

Bent bracket for shipping containers

View our container bent bracket here

Key features 

  • 50x110x5mm bent flatbar 
  • Bracket arm length: 110mm
  • Two 13mm diameter holes per arm
  • Two orientations
  • Hot dip galvanised finish


The simplest of our range, made from 5mm thick steel, it has two holes spaced 50mm apart so that it lines up with the Domino Clamp, offering a ledge with an interior length of about 105mm.

2 hole bent bracket for shipping containers

This bracket can be used on its own or in pairs, positioned with the horizontal arm of the bracket at either the top or the bottom of the Domino Clamp. When positioned with the  upper corner castings, the upper surface of the bent bracket will line up close to the top of the corner casting, though how close will depend on whether you are using the shield or stadium holes, and on the tolerances of the corner casting itself.

Gallows bracket for shipping containers

View our gallows bracket for containers here

Key features 

  • 50x50x6mm braced angle iron
  • Bracket arm length: 200mm
  • Three holes per arm
  • Two height positions
  • Mild steel construction
  • Hot dip Galvanised finish


Made from 50x50x6mm steel angle sections which are welded to a right angle with a haunch plate (diagonal brace) for added strength. Each of these arms are 20cm long so will provide a much longer reach away from the container than our other brackets, and the haunch plate is there to make sure that the weight on the end is well supported.

The gallows bracket features three holes, each spaced 50mm apart so there are two vertical positions to choose from; and a further two by flipping the horizontal arm to the bottom. 

This bracket can be either way up, and using the other arm of the bracket means you can pair them in mirrored fashion, one on each end of the container, or even both on a single Domino Clamp.

Gallows bracket for shipping containers


Angle mounting bracket for shipping containers

View our angle mounting bracket for shipping containers here

Key features 

  • 150x120x10mm plate steel
  • Bracket arm length: 120mm
  • Five holes / slots on each face
  • Adjustable height option
  • Hot dip Galvanised finish


Made from 10mm thick steel and 150mm wide, this heavy duty bracket has four holes to line up exactly with the M12 threads on the Domino Clamp, as well as a central one for accessing the clamping bolt. This means that once it's attached to the Domino, you can remove the assembly from the container if needed, check the tightness of the clamps, or make any other adjustments you might need. 

Angle mounting bracket for shipping container

This bracket can be attached in the shelf up position, or the shelf down position, both in the upper corner castings, and in the lower ones down on the floor.

One side of the bracket features circular holes for M12 set screws, and the other side features slotted holes. 

When attached in the shelf down position on the lower corner castings using the circular holes, the bracket is more or less flush with the floor, so this can be used to bolt the container securely down onto a solid base, foundation or footing.In the shelf up position, on the upper corners castings, the top of the shelf positions will be close to the top of the corner casting, though this will vary a bit depending on the tolerances in the corner casting and whether you are using the shield or stadium holes.

When using the slotted holes to attach to the Domino however, this height can be adjusted by up to 11.5mm  in each direction. So if you require a more precise positioning for your shelf bracket, so that it meets exactly the level of the roof of your container, or the level of the top of the corner casting you can adjust it. Simply set it to the height required and tighten up the four bolts to secure it in place. 

Finally, if you need a horizontal surface to attach to the top of the container, you can flip the bracket and invert it, and use two of the circular holes on the top two holes of the Domino Clamp. This could be really useful for attaching roof timbers, or a frame for solar panels.

Framing Bracket for Shipping Containers

View our framing bracket for shipping containers here

Key features

  • 8mm x 110mm x 160mm
  • Bracket arm length: 110mm horizontally, 160mm vertically
  • Five holes for multiple orientations and uses
  • Attaches exterior frames and vertical posts for awnings and other structures


Our framing bracket for shipping containers provides a strong 8mm thick steel bracket arm, which extends out from the container corner casting by 110mm when oriented horizontally, and 160mm when oriented vertically.

The bracket is especially suited to attaching exterior frames to a shipping container, since it is able to attach structural timbers to a container both horizontally and vertically. It can also be used as a fixing point for lean-to structures, to attach a vertical post, or to mount other structures to your shipping container, always in combination with a Domino Clamp.

The framing bracket can be used on its own or in pairs; up to two brackets can be attached to each Domino Clamp for additional strength and support.

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