Shipping Container Information

How to identify an ISO shipping container

The easiest way to recognise if your shipping container is made to ISO standards is to look at the markings. If it’s an ISO container it will have a 4 digit code printed on the top right hand corner of the door as you look at it from the outside. The same number will also appear on the top right hand corner of the side of the container under the container number.

New vs Used shipping containers: Things to consider

In this blog we look at the things to consider when deciding whether to use a new or  used shipping container for your container project.  When buying or renting a shipping container, the most important questions you should be asking yourself are; What will I be using the container for?...

How we tested the strength of the Domino Clamps

As part of the design process for the Domino Clamp there were many considerations to take. We had to think about fabrication methods, materials and tolerances, and we spent over two years exploring these before finalising a design. However, there was always one area which we knew was going to be paramount to producing a safe and functional product…Testing and ensuring the strength and load taking capabilities. 

An introduction to shipping container corner castings


ISO1161 Corner castings are the big three-holed blocks of Corten steel which form the corners of all internationally standardised ISO shipping containers. They are the structural elements that are used to lift shipping containers as well as to connect them to whichever mode of transportation is being used to move the container such as ships, trains or road vehicles...

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