Why use Domino Clamps to attach something to a shipping container

Why use Domino Clamps to attach something to a shipping container

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There’s lots of reasons why you might want to make use of Domino Clamps’ ingenious reusable method of bolting structural accessories to shipping containers instead of opting for a method such as welding, bolts or other fixing techniques. 

Can’t damage rented containers

The vast majority of shipping containers around the world are on lease and therefore not owned by the person currently using them. That means they will eventually need to go back to the company which owns them, and they are not going to want them returned with holes drilled in them and accessories welded to them. With Domino Clamps you can attach whatever you like to your rental container and still be able to get your deposit back when they are returned. 

Shipping container rentals

Need to reattach things to the same container?

Repetitive task you need to do? Perhaps your container travels around to various different sites? When buying a Domino Clamp, you don't just get one use out of it, you get loads! Where welded-on tabs might wear out after multiple uses, you can attach and reattach your accessories time and time again without wearing out the Domino clamp or the corner casting. 

No access to welder

Domino Clamps don’t require welding. So whether you don't have time to learn a new skill, can't afford someone to do it, or are simply nowhere near the equipment or even an electricity supply, Domino Clamps make it easy with only a 10mm Hex key needed to create a fixing point on the corner of your shipping container.

Welding a shipping container

In a hurry?

Events and construction sites can be fast paced work environments, and as the old saying goes, time is money. Domino Clamps are quick and easy to install with just one person; Simply insert the clamping plate into either the stadium or shield holes of the corner casting and tighten it up with a hex key or torque wrench.

Since everyone wants to get home quickly too, they can be disassembled just as swiftly. The double cam mechanism means they automatically rotate when the bolt is undone and then can be easily removed, ready to be reused another day. 

You need guaranteed strength ratings

Everyone needs to show that they have done their due diligence to show that what they have built or modified is safe. Domino Clamps have been strength tested in a UKAS accredited testing house based in the UK, and we have easy to interpret tech sheets providing designers and consultants with safe working loads. 

The most obvious alternative to using a Domino Clamp to fix something to the steel chassis of a shipping container is a site weld. Once the welding is finished the only way for a client to obtain conformity and quality assurance is to commission a visual examination and non-destructive testing, which normally includes ultrasonic tests which search for surface imperfections, from a 3rd party specialist.

Domino Clamps testing illustration

You want to make the most of your container 

You may need a flood light attached to your container during the winter months but some solar panels in Summer. Whatever your varied requirements, Domino Clamps’ four M12 threaded bolt holes allow you to attach just about anything to the outside of a shipping container including scaffolding, lighting, signage, CCTV and much more. So if you already have a Domino clamp with a signpost kit, but now you need a floodlight, just contact us to buy the floodlight bracket on its own, and get the most out of your Domino Clamp. 

No Experts required

No skills or special training are required to fit a Domino Clamp; if you can use a hex key then you can fit one, read our full instructions guide here. Most of our Bolt ons can be installed by virtually anyone with a few basic hand tools. This means that you can get someone else to do the fixing to the container, while you “supervise” with a nice cup of tea. 

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Mike Loy

I want to put a roof on my shipping container using your product. Please send me plans and how to order your clamps Thank you.

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