How Domino Clamps could help you build your shipping container home

How Domino Clamps could help you build your shipping container home

Home truths part three 

We have previously delved into both the reasons why shipping container homes are so increasingly popular, as well as some reality checks as to why they might not be the ideal solution that they first appear to be. Let's end this three part series on a constructive note by suggesting some ways in which you can make your shipping container home project easier and more practical, avoiding some of the pitfalls of shipping container homes, using Domino Clamps.

Stay portable

Domino Clamps can be attached and detached from your shipping container home time and time again, there’s no need to weld to or damage your corner castings, which need to stay intact and clear of welds so that they can be used to lift the container and secure it onto a trailer when it’s time to move. With Domino Clamps attaching all your external accessories onto the outside of your shipping container, when it comes to move, all you need is a 10mm hex hey to remove all the accessories we will discuss here, and lift your container onto the back of a flatbed lorry for transportation. 

Portable shipping container home

Image credit The haB - Tomas K Ryan

Stay connected 

While living a low-impact lifestyle is a high priority for many looking to live in a shipping container home, being entirely isolated might not be ideal. Attaching a mast to a shipping container (this one was used for CCTV, but could be used for any manner of other equipment) you can stay connected to the world with a 5g mobile broadband antenna 5m up in the air above your container. 


One of the primary requirements of a low energy modern home is a good thermal resistance. In the case of a shipping container home your starting point is a thin layer of steel which is not going to give you a particularly good thermal value. To improve it, both for your own comfort but also to meet the local building regulations, you will want to add a layer of insulation and cladding. Using Domino Clamps at each of the four corners of your wall you can fix cladding panels to your new home which will not impact the overall structural integrity and also will be removable if one day you have to move site.  What’s more, insulating the outside of the container means you take up less space inside, and have more room for you and your things! 



Not only is cladding essential for protecting exterior insulation, it can enhance the appearance of the container giving it a more natural look, as not everyone finds the industrial look of a shipping container appealing. Most people who clad their shipping containers choose to use timber or wood panelling, and by using our timber bolt on adapters you’ll be able to create subframes for cladding, decking and awnings once you have a few structural timbers in place.

Shipping container cladding


Add a more traditional roof 

With as few as four Domino Clamps, you can attach a roof to the top of your container to protect it from sun and the elements, create extra storage, and further insulate your new tiny home. Once again, when it's time to move or change things up a bit, the whole thing is entirely removable. 

Speed of construction 

As you will have seen in any of our videos on YouTube, building onto shipping containers using Domino Clamps is quick and easy. No more grinding away steel, welding, priming and painting again. Keep your shipping container pristine and simply bolt everything else you need to the outside.

Planning laws 

With all of the  above now securely fixed to the outside of your container home using Domino Clamps, you may also find yourself on the correct side of planning laws, since your home is still fully mobile and transportable. And even if you aren't sure if you want to transport it again, you may find that cladding your container helps your planning application by making the container fit in better aesthetically with its surroundings. 

Are you planning on building a shipping container home? Let us know what you think and how you will use Domino Clamps.

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