Mount a CCTV pole to a shipping container

How to attach a CCTV pole to a shipping container

Whether you’re trying to keep an eye on your self storage facility or maintain security overnight on a building site, it’s easy to see why using a shipping container as structural ballast for a CCTV tower would be useful. 

Altron pole and CCTV attached to a shipping container

For this how to, we’ve teamed up with two other manufacturers of CCTV products to bring you a sturdy, highly engineered solution which brings together some of the best of British manufacturing. So thanks to 360 Vision who have provided the camera, some footage of which you will see at the beginning of the video, and Altron, whose CCTV tower we have used in our video and which will be available as part of our CCTV tower kit.  


Why mount a CCTV up high? 

When lifted to height, a CCTV camera  will capture a larger area on video, providing greater security. In addition this also keeps the camera out of reach and less likely to be tampered with or vandalised. 

Burglar caught on CCTV

What you'll need 

With our Domino CCTV kit, you’ll have everything you need to secure your CCTV camera and pole to your shipping container. We have teamed up with British CCTV accessories and hardware manufacturer Altron to connect their ACP range of CCTV poles to shipping containers. Currently you have a choice of a 4m or 5m pole and a bracket to attach one, two, three or four cameras to it.

Inside the kit you’ll find two Domino Clamps, a pair of *ACP to Domino adaptor plates with M12 x 25mm countersunk screws, your choice of a 4m or 5m wall mounted CCTV tower, camera bracket, and all the other bolts and washers you’ll need to put it all together. You can choose the height of pole you require and for how many cameras, when you come to buy your kit.

Please note that this kit has a two-week long lead time, as the camera brackets at the top of the pole are made to order. Let us know which cameras you plan to attach to the brackets, and they will be drilled for you.

*These are specific to this tower, but we will have other adaptor plates for other CCTV pole brands available soon. Please contact us if there is any particular CCTV equipment you need to attach to a container, or if you are a CCTV tower manufacturer looking to connect your hardware to a container.  

You will also need:

  • 10mm hex Key
  • 6mm hex key
  • A socket set and adjustable spanner
  • And your CCTV Camera

Shipping Container CCTV Pole Kit

How to put it together

For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to focus mainly on getting the CCTV pole up and mounted to the container, and less about mounting the camera to the pole.

Domino & ACP Adaptor Plate Explosion Diagram

  1. Orient your ACP to Domino adapter plates the correct way up. There is a marker etched into the plate to indicate the ‘up’ edge. 
  2. Use your 6mm hex key to attach one ACP to Domino adapter plate to each Domino Clamp using the countersunk screws 
  3. Attach one Domino Clamp in the top corner casting of the shipping container and one in the bottom, following our detailed installation instructions if you're unfamiliar with the technique here.  
  4. Now from this point, please follow the manufacturer or your site safety guidelines to mount the pole in a manner that is safe for your situation.
  5. This is a wall mounted pole, so what we have effectively done is to replace the 8 holes we would have drilled into the wall, with these two sets of four holes on the adapter plates. So, instead of putting expanding bolts through here and into a wall, you’ll be using the ones provided with the adapter plate and securing them with nylon locking nuts at the back.


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