Why attach CCTV to a shipping container

Why attach CCTV to a shipping container?

Theft and vandalism costs the UK construction industry an estimated £800 million a year, so protecting your site and property with CCTV has become essential. Shipping containers can be made secure with additional locking mechanisms and door jams, but some site operators will prefer the added peace of mind of knowing that the area is surveilled also by CCTV.

In this blog we look at some of the reasons you might want to attach CCTV to a shipping container. 


Greater visibility 

When mounted at height, CCTV will capture a larger area, providing greater visibility as it allows a wider range of vision. Modern PTZ cameras will be able to make the most of this height, especially. 

Shipping containers can be found at most construction sites in the form of storage or temporary offices, utilising these containers to mount CCTV up high keeps the camera out of reach and less likely to be tampered with or vandalised. 

Most CCTV systems will allow you to remotely access cameras and footage at any time from any location. This means that when you're not around, you can quickly and easily check to make sure everything is safe on site. The use of CCTV can also reduce insurance premiums because they tend to act as a deterrent to criminal or antisocial activity. 

Convenient structural support 

Using a scaffold pole fixed to the top corner of your shipping container, you can quickly and easily attach CCTV whilst retaining the benefits of using the shipping container itself as structural support. To make the most of the structure you could even use one of our floodlight brackets on the same scaffold pole to illuminate the area at night.

And because Domino Clamps don't require any drilling or welding to the shipping container they are a perfect solution to containers that have been rented or need to be moved from site to site whilst providing a secure attachment point for CCTV unlike alternatives such as g-clamps or zip ties.

How not to attach CCTV to a shipping container


Easy compared to alternatives 

Our Universal CCTV kit is quicker to install than the professional CCTV pole solution, which may be over engineered if all you need to do is attach a couple of lightweight CCTV cameras. This kit can enable CCTV to be installed by one person in under 30 minutes with just a few hand tools.

However, even installing the professional CCTV pole solution to a shipping container is quicker and easier than attaching it to a building, which would require permanently fixing the brackets to the wall. That’s assuming that there is a building available and no issues with mounting something to it. 

Comparison image, CCTV pole attached to a wall and CCTV pole attached to a shipping container

An alternative option to installing CCTV would be to dig a hole in the ground and cement a pole into it, taking additional time and creating another obstacle on site for vehicles and foot traffic. Positioning a pole like this neatly next to a row of shipping containers requires that it is installed first and the shipping containers added afterwards, whereas by using one of our CCTV pole solutions, you can easily retrofit the CCTV pole once the containers are already in position; perfect for existing container storage facilities and last-minute security upgrades. 

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