Why attach lighting to a shipping container

Why attach lighting to a shipping container

In this blog we look at some of the reasons you might want to install shipping container lighting. But it’s not only the practical reasons like lighting a loading area to consider, stage lighting or festoon can enhance the appearance of a venue or containerised unit making it more appealing to potential customers.

stage light attached to a shipping container

1. Shipping container lighting improves security 

As well as navigating in the dark more easily, external shipping container lighting provides additional security after dark. Appropriate light levels on construction sites and site venues can help everyone working on the site itself, illuminate emergency exits and also help prevent trespassers.

When used in conjunction with one of our CCTV pole kits, the container can become the base for both the CCTV camera and the container lighting to illuminate the area at night, so the camera can continue to operate into the hours of darkness. 

You can use both our half and full height floodlight kits to attach your floodlight to your shipping container.

Half height and full height floodlight

2. Shipping container lighting is easy to erect 

Even if there is a permanent structure or building on site, it may not always be possible to make the necessary modifications to attach lighting or you might simply not want to, especially if the lighting is only a temporary requirement. 

Attaching flood lighting to a shipping container is quick and easy with Domino Clamps and requires no drilling or welding. And with no damage it's an ideal solution to containers which have been rented in, without having any issues with the container hire company when they get returned.

Just take a look at this customer's testament to just how easy it is to erect flood lighting to a shipping container with just one person: 

"It took just 20 minutes to install the Domino Clamps, tube clamps, scaffold pole and lighting. And, it can easily be done by one person

Customer floodlight image

Pairing a solar powered floodlight with our half height floodlight kit has got to be just about the easiest way to light the area around your shipping container.

3. Lights as a safety requirements

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, it is a legal responsibility to provide adequate lighting so that any work carried out can be undertaken safely and effectively. If work needs to carry on beyond daylight hours, artificial lighting must be used.

With your lighting attached to a shipping container, you can provide the required lighting without it presenting additional trip hazards or obstructions to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 

The CSTA recognises the benefit of lighting in Container Self-Storage Facilities:

A well-lit facility increases safety and visibility - while also improving secure operations. For some customers, good lighting is an important requirement, to assist them when loading and unloading items when it is dark."

4. Lighting attached to the container can lower costs

Hiring in lighting towers or masts can be expensive, so making use of shipping containers on site can offer a real cost saving. When the lighting is no longer required it can be quickly and easily removed and packed up ready for use on the next project.

Shipping container lighting kits for half and full height

                                     View our Half height floodlight kit                         View our Full height floodlight kit

5. Lights improve the aesthetics

Whether you’re running a containerised coffee stall or shipping container storage site- , it’s important that the area outside your container is well lit and attractive to your customers. An M12 eyebolt in a Domino Clamp is the perfect attachment point for a cable from which to hang a string of outdoor festoon lighting.

Already got an illuminated advertising sign you want to display above your container? Consider using our Sign kit or creating a frame using unistrut to make it as visible as possible to your potential customers.

6. Benefits of lighting at height

Mounting lighting up high with our full height floodlight kit not only illuminates a larger area, but it can do so more evenly and without dazzling anyone who walks into its path. 

Having your lighting higher up also means smaller and shorter shadows. A few bright and carefully placed lights will illuminate an area much more effectively than multiple smaller lights placed lower down. 

Shipping container floodlight height comparison

Our full height shipping container floodlight kit will mount your floodlight up to 6.4m above the ground.

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