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How to Secure a Shipping Container + 6 Best Tips


ISO Shipping containers are strong and secure, being manufactured using a monocoque structure from corten steel for the purpose of shipping goods all around the world. Why secure a shipping container?

If you are using your shipping container for storing valuable items such as machinery or construction equipment you may run the risk of it being broken into if you don't have additional security measures in place.

So how can you best secure and protect your container?

The 6 best tips to secure your shipping container

Shipping container security is a very important topic for a lot of people. We compiled the six most important tips to help you best protect your shipping container.

1. Additional shipping container locks

Standard shipping containers come with multiple locking points on both container doors, but with the use of a crowbar or some bolt cutters it is relatively easy for someone with enough determination to get into the container. 

There are a range of additional locking systems that can be used to provide additional security including:

  • CISA Security Container Padlock - These are made from carbonitrided solid steel and have a nickel-plating treatment. They are cut and drill resistant.

  • Shipping container Lockbox - These are anti-vandal lock surrounds made from steel that are fitted to the doors of your container to enclose and protect your padlock to prevent it being tampered with.

  • Internal bolts - Depending on what you are using your container for, you may decide to add an internal locking mechanism to prevent anyone entering it when you are inside.


Quickfit containers lockbox for shipping container safety


2. Add security cameras to your container

Attaching CCTV to your shipping container can act as a visible deterrent to help prevent criminal or antisocial behaviour. Most CCTV systems will allow you to remotely access cameras and footage at any time from any location on your mobile phone or computer. This means that when you're not around, you can quickly and easily check to make sure everything is safe on site.


Shipping container CCTV kit for enhanced security


3. More safety with extra lighting

Mounting a floodlight to your shipping container can provide additional security after dark. There are plenty of PIR options on the market that are triggered by movement and solar options are also available if you don't have easy access to mains electricity.

When using a floodlight in conjunction with one of our lightweight CCTV kits, the container can become the base for both the CCTV camera and the lighting to illuminate the area at night, so the camera can continue to operate into the hours of darkness.


Shipping container floodlight for shipping container security


4. Fencing for extra protection

Installing fencing around the area where your shipping container is located can act as a deterrent against potential thieves or vandals. Attaching fencing to a shipping container is quick and easy using Domino Clamps. And with no drilling, no welding and no damage to the container it’s a perfect solution when using rented containers or if you are planning on reselling your container when you are finished with it.

5. Security Alarms

Alarm systems for shipping containers can include all the modern features that other systems have, like sensors, motion detectors, and CCTV monitoring. They can also send alerts to your mobile phone, meaning you will always be able to keep an eye on your valuable equipment. 

6. Insurance to reduce your financial risks

We spoke to Neil at Pounds Gate Insurance who told us they are seeing more and more container operators being targeted by thieves especially overnight when there is no additional security on the premises and mainly for new stock and motor bikes!

Many insurers are therefore looking for ways to improve the risk or limit their exposure when a claim occurs. By way of an example insurers look for the following:

  • Secure gates and fencing, palisade is preferable.

  • Pincode entry and exit. People will tailgate each other to get in but will not run the risk of being locked in so pin code on exit is preferable.

  • Limit access to office hours only if possible.

  • Install CCTV with monitored security backed up by speakers so intruders can be warned the police have been called.

  • Manned sites during the day at all times. A number of operators will leave sites unmanned during the day or not visit.

  • Only use containers with box locks.

  • Ensure all customers use padlocks that cannot be cut easily and ensure locks are not only used on the doors, check for customers only securing containers using lock rods.

  • Correct drainage – ensure water can run away from the containers, I appreciate they are raised slightly but if left to stand they may soak up water.


Want to make your container more secure now?

Domino Clamps attach almost anything you want to your shipping container!

Read more on how to attach a floodlight, or how to install a pole for your CCTV system on your container, or other use cases of the Domino Clamps.

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