How to install and use Domino Clamps on a shipping container.

How to attach temporary fence panels to a shipping container



This is another useful application for our tube clamp Bolt-ons. Using a pair of  42mm vertical tube clamps, this guide will show you how to seal off gaps in temporary fencing by terminating the final panel against a shipping container so that nobody can break through by moving the end of the last panel out of its block. 

Some background info about fence panels

Temporary steel mesh fencing, often called heras fencing (and with any multitude of misspellings; Harris, herris, etc) after one of the leading player in the industry, are modular tube framed, wire mesh fence panels which can be quickly erected to create temporary secure areas at events, workplaces and construction sites. The outside tube of the frame is typically around 38mm diameter, and using simple double tube clips like the one pictured below, are joined one after the other to create a fence to the length required. With the ability to place each panel at an angle, this makes for an enormously versatile and practical short term fencing solution. 

Temporary fencing and fence panel clip

Weak points in mobile fencing 

However, while separating two fence panels to create a gap to pass through requires undoing two of these fence clips with a spanner, anyone trying to pass by one of these fences will look immediately to the final panel in the run, which may be attached to nothing at all, and can simple move it out of the way by lifting it out of its block. 

Solving the problem with Domino Clamps

In circumstances where these fence panels might be able to terminate next to a shipping container or some other containerised unit, such as a containerised generator, you can easily create a solid mounting point that the final fence panel can clip to and close off the gap. 

Two fence panels showing one secured with Domino Clamps and one without

Three different sizes of vertical tube clamps in our shop allow you to attach a vertical steel or aluminium tube vertically up the side of a container. In this case, the 38mm tube of the fence panels is exactly halfway between two sizes of tube clamp; 42mm and 34mm diameter. We have tried with both, and find that the fence panel clips work better with the larger size of 42mm tube.

Vertical tube clamps set


You will need:

*These 3 items are available as a set here.



Pick any two holes on the shipping container, one directly above the other and secure a Domino Clamp in each one. For anyone totally new to Domino Clamps, you can see full and detailed instructions on how to do that in this installation guide here

The tube clamps will bolt straight onto the Domino Clamp with the bolts provided, so this can be done first on the bottom one, and then on the top. If the top tube clamp is not bored through, then this one will need to go upside down, and you’ll need to make sure your tube is cut exactly the right size.

If your top clamp is bored through, please follow our easy step by step video on how to install long scaffolding poles safely with just one person. 

Once the vertical tube is in place, make sure all the bolts and grub screws are done up tight, and now you have a secure pole to clip the tube of your fence panel onto using your normal clips. 

Attaching heras fencing to a shipping container

Please let us know in the comments how this works for you, and if you come across any brands of fence panelling that perhaps use different size tubing, and we will keep this page up to date with such information.

Needless to say, this bar could have multiple other uses, and the same method can be used to attach a vertical 48mm tube or a vertical 34mm tube.

Please Contact us with your suggestions and questions.

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Taylor Hansen

It’s good to know that fence panels could be used for shipping containers for a mounting point. My uncle needs to get some temporary fences to put around his construction site around the mall. He should look for ones that are easy to transport and won’t blow away with the winds.

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