42mm vertical tube clamp set (bored and unbored)



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42mm vertical tube clamp set (bored and unbored)

Vertical tube clamp set suitable for a long 42mm diameter tube. (The clamps are also known as palm railing tube clamps)

Suitable for attaching the following sizes of tube or pipe to a shipping container:

Outside diameter: 42.4mm, 1.66"

Inside Diameter:    31.75mm, DN 31.75mm, 1.25" NPS , 1.25" NB

🤔 Confused about pipe sizes? Check out this blog for an in-depth explanation.

One clamp remains unbored, while the other is bored through, meaning that the tube is able to pass all the way through the clamp.

The set is designed to support a long vertical 42mm diameter tube attached to a container with two Domino Clamps, allowing the tube to extend up into the air beyond the top tube clamp, as described in this blog.

Each unit is provided with 2x M12 bolts and washers to bolt in onto a Domino Clamp.

You will need (2x) Domino Clamps to complete this assembly.

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