Different methods of attaching a floodlight to a shipping container

Different methods of attaching a floodlight to a shipping container

In this how-to we will cover some of the different methods to mount a floodlight to a shipping container using Domino Clamps.

In a previous blog we explained some of the reasons why you might want to attach lighting to a shipping container, these included security and safety.

Full height floodlight (6.4m) using a long tube 

Full height floodlight

With our full height floodlight kit, you’ll have almost everything you need to secure your floodlight and full length scaffold tube to a shipping container. All you’ll need is the scaffold tube itself at the length you require, and unlike other options on the market the scaffold pole is securely attached to the container, unable to rotate or be lifted up (in high winds, for instance).

Inside the kit you’ll find two Domino Clamps, a pair of Interclamp vertical tube clamps (also known as palm railing tube clamps), with one bored through, bolts and washers, and a universal floodlight bracket.


  • A higher floodlight means a larger area of light coverage
  • Extremely secure option
  • The same tube can be used for more floodlights or other equipment such as CCTV
  • Additional floodlight adapters available to purchase with this kit, please email us your requirements


Half height floodlight using a shorter tube 

Half height floodlight

If you do not need to mount your floodlight so high up, you can use just a single Domino and tube clamp, which you will find all the equipment for in our half height Floodlight kit. This will attach your floodlight to an 80cm tube at the top corner casting of the shipping container only. 


  • Everything in the kit except the floodlight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lower floodlight means a brighter area in a more localised area for safety
  • Still room for another lightweight floodlight or perhaps a CCTV camera


Bolt a floodlight directly to the Domino Clamp 

Floodlight direct to the Domino

You may find that you can bolt your floodlight directly to one or more of the M12 threads in the Domino Clamps. The bracket for your floodlight will need 13mm slots or holes, or alternatively you may be able to drill out the central hole in the bracket with a 13mm drill bit.  


  • It doesn’t get quicker and easier than this!
  • No additional Bolt-Ons required
  • Floodlight can be quickly and easily moved to another corner casting or container


Screw your floodlight to a Domino Clamp timber adapter 

Plywood adapter floodlight

Some really small LED floodlights do not need such heavily engineered solutions as our floodlight kits. For super lightweight lighting options, you can first attach a 30mm plywood adapter to the Domino Clamp, and then use wood screws to fix this to the corner of the shipping container in the orientation you require.


  • Cheap option for lightweight lighting fixtures
  • Potential to attach more than one light to a single Domino
  • Light can be repositioned easily

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