How to clad a shipping container

How to clad a shipping container


Adding cladding to a shipping container has many benefits including providing insulation, soundproofing and of course making them more aesthetically pleasing. In a previous blog we explained how to prepare a shipping container for cladding, in this How-To we show you a process of cladding your container step by step.

The following is a method of cladding three sides of a shipping container using Domino Clamps, which will leave your shipping container completely undamaged.

These instructions are meant for guidance only and depending on the condition of your container and personal preference may need to be adapted to suit your needs. 



(12x) Domino Clamps

(12x) Domino Plywood adapters 

Hex key

Tape measure


Hand saw/Circular saw

Drill and screwdriver


8”x2” C24 timber 

4”x2” CLS stud work timber or similar

Pilot drill bit (4mm)

(5x) 90mm screws

70mm wood screws 

90mm screws 

50mm screws for Cladding (assuming 18mm cladding)


Before you start:  Ensure your container is well sited on a flat, solid surface. 

    • Attach a Domino Clamp to each corner of each face of the shipping container to be clad (two sides and one end).
    • Attach a Domino plywood adapter to each Domino Clamp using the 45mm countersunk bolts provided. Thanks for watching. As earlier stated, this is a guide to give you an idea of one way of doing this, and there are of course other options available so feel free to adapt this as suits your needs.


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    Hi- I want to do this but also need a solution to clad the container door- do you have any suggestions/ solutions for cladding a container door which swings out?

    Thank you


    I have the exact same question. Even a 20ft side would be a struggle. 8 ft sides are a piece of cake. Be great to know the solution for the 40ft side. Especially if you want to stack them or bridge containers.


    How would cladding be done for a 40’ container? It seems most lumber isn’t 40’ long and there aren’t spots in the middle of the container to attach a domino clamp .

    Thanks, Nick

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