Shipping container bar conversion

Shipping container bar conversion

In this new series we wanted to show you how some of our customers have been using Domino Clamps and our Bolt-Ons for their projects.

Mike Abbs, a resident of Bella Vista recently used Domino Clamps to attach timber framing and cladding to a shipping container when constructing a beer garden in Blowing Springs Park.

Bella Vista is a 36,000 acre recreational community in Northwest Arkansas nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks, offering its 30,000+ residents a range of organised social activities and clubs for the community to get involved in. Along with all the conveniences you might need such as grocery and hardware stores, and medical centers it boasts a wide range of recreational facilities and options for dining including restaurants, pubs and snack bars.

A recent new addition to the facilities is the “Gear Garden”, which Mike constructed out of a converted 20ft shipping container.

The Gear Garden Arkansas

Having converted a number of shipping containers in the past, including a 20ft container that he converted into a studio for a public radio station to look like a giant Boom Box on the outside, a bike stop and other shelters on nature trails, Mike had a great deal of experience in these projects but the challenge for this project was a little different.

Mike needed to make the bar fit in with the surrounding buildings aesthetically; like most communities Bella Vista has an architectural control committee whose job is to ensure that the community adhere to the general aesthetic of the park. So, with this in mind, Mike decided that he really needed to attach timber to the front of the container to make it look more organic.

Whilst carrying out some research on YouTube he came across one of our videos showing how to attach timber to a shipping container and decided it was exactly the solution he had been looking for.

"They worked just fine, just insert the Domino and twist the clamp!" .

(Read our detailed installation instructions here)

The convenience and short cut Domino Clamps provided meant that after Mike attached the initial timber beam, he could just forget about it and easily attach the timber cladding. 

Mike has previously attached sign stock directly to the container with self tapping screws which could potentially damage the container and cause the shipping container to leak and rust over time but said he plans to use Domino Clamps again in the future.

The Gear Garden using Domino Clamps to attach timber cladding

When we asked Mike to describe Domino Clamps in three words he chose "Engineered to work".

Great to hear from you Mike, thanks for your feedback!


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