How to correctly tie rope and tension wire to a shipping container

How to correctly tie rope and tension wire to a shipping container

A rope or tension wire attached to a shipping container can provide a useful addition to your conversion project. In this blog we will provide an overview of how to correctly attach a rope or tension wire using an M12 eyebolt, available now in our shop.

Eyebolt with wire attached to a shipping container

Why attach a rope or catinerary wire to a shipping container?

Weighing just over 2 tonnes even when empty, a shipping container is very unlikely to budge in most situations, so it makes an ideal fixing point to tie off to. Once in place, a rope or tension wire can be used to support an overhead cable from one container to another, be used as support for a shade structure or perhaps used as an anchor point for a guide rope for a taller mast structure. 

Why can't I attach the rope or wire directly to the corner castings?

The insides of shipping container castings are rough, and the edges can be sharp, so attaching the rope or wire directly to the corner casting would begin rubbing on the rough edges of the casting and become damaged, particularly if it's outside and being moved around by the wind. Even in short term scenarios, bending catenary wire round a hard angle is very bad practice and should be avoided at all costs, as should any method which places strain on a termination such as a maillon-rapide or karabiner for which it is not designed.
For this reason, starting with a suitable tying off point for your cable or rope is essential for safety.

Wire looped directly through corner casting

How to attach a rope or wire correctly using the M12 eyebolt

  1. Put the washer onto the eyebolt thread and then screw directly into one of the holes in the Domino Clamp. Tighten by hand - Never use a grip or a wrench to tighten an eyebolt.
  2. Attach the Domino Clamp into the face of the two corner castings following our detailed installation instructions if you're unfamiliar with the technique.
  3. Attach your catenary wire, tension wire or rope to the eyebolt, using a suitable termination method for your application.

Remember: Domino Clamps are not designed for lifting shipping containers, so don’t use eyebolts in a Domino to lift a container.



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