Shipping container roof deck case study

Shipping Container Roof Deck

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Marc-Andre L from Canada recently used Domino Clamps in his project to build a shipping container roof deck on top of a 10ft shipping container. The chunky 16ft by 14ft timber-framed platform overhangs the roof of the container by a considerable amount, more than doubling the floorspace provided by the roof alone.

Meanwhile, safety guardrails on all four sides as well as on both sides of the staircase up to the platform all contribute to what we think it looks like a great place to hang out for some summer drinks and a high up view of the sunset.

Shipping container roof platform with amazing view

The part-converted shipping container Marc-Andre bought had a rolling door at one end so he was searching for a solution that would allow him to add the deck with the door side resting on posts, without having any weight resting on the compromised door end of the container.

After searching for ‘Sea Container hardware’ on Google, Marc-Andre came across Domino Clamps, and when he had finished reading some of our content he came up with the solution and had the knowledge to implement it.

"The Domino Clamps were great in the end, it was easy to use and enabled me to secure the 6" x 12" x 16ft beam to that end of the container."

(The clamps were used to fix a 6" x 4" x 12' timber vertically on each side to secure the two 6" x 12" x 16' beams going front to back). Using the technical documents, he was able to drill the holes at exactly the correct spacing so that the bolts could go through the timber and screw right into the Domino Clamp.   

This was Marc-Andre’s first time working on this type of project but long term he says he definitely has plans to use the Domino Clamps again, since the product was awesome and he really likes working with sea containers when it comes to shelters, storage sheds or other projects. He sees the Domino Clamps as a game changer in the world of tiny house building because of its simplicity and efficacy. Along that line and with the surge in off the grid buildings this product could easily be adapted to fix solar panel arrays to any off grid tiny builds. 

When we asked Marc-Andre to describe Domino Clamps in three words he said "Quality, Easy-to-use and Reliable!".

Great to hear from you Marc-Andre, thanks for your feedback!

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