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How to Make brackets for your shipping container attachments

How to make brackets for your shipping container attachments

In this new series of blogs we want to show you some examples of how you can make your own custom Bolt-Ons for Domino Clamps to attach other accessories and additions to your shipping containers, using methods that we have not yet provided options for in our webshop.

None of these are going to be particularly complicated, so you’ll be able to see how you can use and adapt them to suit your needs and we'll also be providing you with technical drawings to pass on to a fabricator if need be.

Angle Iron Bracket


Angle Iron shipping container bracket


To start us off, we are going to show you how to prepare a bracket made out of angle iron.  

  1. Start with a piece of L shaped angle iron, 10mm thick, equal sides of 120mm each end. Metal stores will refer to this as 120x120x10mm
  2. Cut to a length of 150mm 
  3. Drill four holes into one side of the angle iron according to the technical drawing. So that's 13mm diameter holes, spaced 100mm center to center horizontally, and 50mm center to center vertically. These correspond to the thread in the Domino and will allow you to bolt the angle iron to the Domino Clamp. 
  4. Drill your other holes into the other side of the angle iron, to match whatever it is you will be bolting to it. We have left space in the technical drawing for you to draw these on yourself.

You needn't restrict yourself to this specific size angle iron, or cut to these dimensions, so feel free to adapt to your needs. 

Not everyone will have the tools or capabilities to do this themselves, so we have assembled the information for you to pass onto your metal supplier or local fabricator who will be able to make these cuts for you if required.




Angle Iron bracket explosion graphic

Why attach a bracket to a shipping container?

Attaching a bracket to both top corner castings and a beam between the two would provide support for a carport, awning or roof between two shipping containers. This could also work as part of a larger structure. 

Create an anchor point for your container by attaching one of these brackets to the bottom corner casting and bolting into a concrete slab or footing, this will stop any unwanted movement and could also serve as a theft deterrent if you were to use shear bolts.

Attach a roof or build an overhanging platform by using the brackets upside down in the top corner castings.

Please get in touch with your ideas and questions about this, and if you’d like the details and drawings for this one we’ve made here visit our Technical Page where you can download the PDF and CAD files so you can make your own or pass on to your designer or fabricators. 

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it would be cool if you also sold the angle iron, making it easier for the consume. :0)

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