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In this blog we’ll show you how to attach a tube or pipe perpendicular out of the side of the corner casting so that it comes out at a 90 degree angle away from the container.

Attaching a bar or horizontal support to a container is a really practical way of then attaching other things off your container, particularly things which can hang, like signagelighting, drapes or banners.


Attaching timber to a shipping container creates the opportunity to build other structures on or around your container such as stairs, handrails or even a roof deck using just woodworking tools and without having to make a single hole in your container. 

In this blog we show you different methods of attaching timber to your shipping container whilst leaving your shipping container completely undamaged.


Metal tubes are a really useful and versatile fixing point, so being able to attach one to a shipping container opens up a lot of possibilities.

In this blog we will provide an overview of how to attach steel tube and scaffolding to a shipping container, focussing on our tube clamp solutions in more detail; what types and size tube they can help you attach, in what orientation, and for what purpose.