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In this blog we are going to show you how to bolt structural timber onto your ISO shipping container, quickly and easily, and without having to make a single hole in your container. 

Once attached, the timber can be used as a basis for many additions such as a roof deck or building another structure off the side of your container such as a carport or shade structure.


Attaching timber to a shipping container creates the opportunity to build other structures on or around your container such as stairs, handrails or even a roof deck using just woodworking tools and without having to make a single hole in your container. 

In this blog we show you different methods of attaching timber to your shipping container whilst leaving your shipping container completely undamaged.


With our new timber Bolt On adapter, made from 30mm birch plywood, you can easily cover your shipping container in cladding, shuttering ply, or stage flats.  Many people are far more comfortable using woodworking tools than metalworking ones, so being able to fix timber and sheet materials to a shipping container was always a high priority for us.