How to attach a tube vertically to a shipping container

How to attach a tube vertically to a shipping container

In this blog we’ll show you how to attach various lengths and diameters of metal tube or pipe vertically to a shipping container using our selection of vertical tube clamp accessories.

Why attach a tube vertically to a shipping container?

A tube attached vertically to a shipping container is the cornerstone of many of our accessory kits, and will allow you to quickly and easily attach lighting, CCTV, signs, and much more. 

This is because standardised steel tubing, which has equivalents in the UK, the United States and throughout the rest of the world, features in many aspects of engineering and construction; from hand railing to scaffolding to event structures and truss.
Holding a steel tube in position vertically can be tricky, and without adequate ground  anchoring and suitable attachment points to something solid, could easily fall over even if the slightest sideways force is applied to the top of the tube. Therefore if you don't have the machinery or the time to dig suitable foundations, push putlog anchors into the ground with heavy machinery, or attach to an existing steel tube structure, then using a shipping container as structural support can be a great solution which is fast, secure and easy to do with Domino Clamps.

What size tube can I attach to my container? 

We have three different sizes of these tube clamps available, and all three of them have exactly the same spacing on the bolt holes, which as you can see in the video, lines up nicely with the holes on our Domino Clamps. So here you can see all three, for 48, 42 and 34mm diameter tube, which equates to 1 1/2 , 1 ¼ and 1” NSP pipe in the United States.

For this demo, we’re going to be using the 48mm version, as this is the most commonly used.

3 tube clamps with sizes

*The tube clamp sizes have been rounded to the nearest whole number, this makes it easier to understand.

How to attach a short tube to the top of the container 

  1. Insert the Domino Clamp to the top corner casting, following our detailed installation instructions if you're unfamiliar with the technique.
  2. Screw the 48mm vertical tube clamp to the Domino Clamp, using the M12 screws and washers provided.
  3. Insert the scaffolding tube into the tube clamp, and do up the grub screws on the tube clamps with an 8mm hex key.

You are now ready to attach your CCTV cameras, signage or lighting.

To buy these off the shelf kits, visit our webshop.

What if I need a longer tube? 

For more heavy duty applications or if you need to attach your accessories higher up for additional security, we also have a vertical tube clamp set available which will allow you to attach a full length vertical tube to your shipping container. This includes two tube clamps with one that has been bored through to allow the tube to pass all the way through at the top of the container.

Comparing a normal undrilled tube clamp with a bored through version

  1. Start with the Domino Clamps; attach one in the top corner casting, and one in the bottom one. 
  2. Bolt the undrilled tube clamp (not bored through) into the lower Domino Clamp, by screwing the M12 set screws provided into either of the two pairs of M12 threaded holes, remembering to use a washer on each.
  3. The bored through version goes at the top. Attach this to the upper Domino using just one bolt initially. The clamp will hang at an angle.
  4. Feed the long scaffolding tube through the upper tube clamp from underneath.
  5. Provided it is not too heavy (if it’s more than about 10kg, the next bit will be tricky) attach your accessory to what will be the top of the pole. Continue feeding the steel tube up through the upper tube clamp and tilt it so that it becomes more vertical at the same time. Then, once vertical, lower the tube into the lower tube clamp. 
  6. Put the final screw in the top clamp and ensure all four M12 screws into the Domino Clamps as well as the grub screws on both tube clamps are  nice and tight.


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