Attaching a banner to a shipping container solar battery

Attaching a banner to a shipping container solar battery

Adal Advertising is a Domino Clamps customer from the Netherlands, who recently put together this substantial steel tube frame on the side of a shipping container in order to attach a huge advertising banner to the side of it. We got in touch to find out more about their experience working with Domino Clamps and constructing this project.

Banner framework using Domino Clamps
As you can see, they used four Domino Clamps in each corner of the long side, along with four horizontal perpendicular tube clamps to make the entire 20’ x 8’ frame stand out from the container by a few centimetres. The framework needed to stand out because there are inlet boxes on two sides that stick out from the container itself, which are used to hold cables etc. They then used more 42mm diameter tube and tube clamps that they sourced locally in order to complete the framework and supports, ready for the heavy duty vinyl banner to attach onto.

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What did you use your Domino Clamp and/or bolt on products for?

Our customer wanted to add some banners to a 20’ container. The container was being used as an energy storage container with solar panels on it so we were unable to drill any holes into it.

How did you find Domino Clamps to work with?

The Domino Clamp is very easy to use. The technical sheet provides comprehensive information for those with only a little bit of knowledge in this area but we didn't need to use that other than checking the torque recommendations.

Have you worked on a similar project in the past?

Although this was the first time we have worked on this specific type of project where a customer was using the container as a solar power unit, we have worked on many projects with shipping containers including those where the customer wanted to attach banners to a shipping container.

If so, what did you use as an alternative to Domino Clamps on the previous project?

On previous projects we have just drilled holes into the shipping container. Which is something we wanted to avoid in this case to prevent any damage to the container that might cause water to leak in.

How did you find using Domino Clamps in comparison?

Not only is the Domino Clamp much easier and faster to use, it is a far safer option. Attaching something to the corner castings of the container provides a stronger fixing point because the steel is very thick there and gives greater protection from bad weather conditions such as high winds.

Domino Clamp attached to the corner casting

Have you got plans to use Domino Clamps again?

We will definitely use Domino Clamps again on future projects.

Have you got ideas of other ways to use Domino Clamps?

It really depends on our customer requirements, because the Domino Clamps provide a versatile fixing point there will be many applications that we can use them for.

Where did you hear about Domino Clamps?

We found Domino Clamps on google when searching for a solution to attach a metal tube to a shipping container without having to drill holes into it. 

Can you describe Domino Clamps in three words?!

Easy, Safe and Perfect!

Adal Advertising is a signage company based in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands. To see more of their work and projects… click….

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