How to attach Unistrut channel to a shipping container

How to attach Unistrut channel to a shipping container


Unistrut channel systems are a highly practical and versatile set of building blocks, allowing you to build fully customised support systems and structures without the need for welding or drilling. For those old enough to remember, they are a lot like meccano, but for adults.

By providing a way to attach Unistrut channel and other compatible perforated channel systems to Domino Clamps, this is going to provide a starting point to help you build further structures, or attach accessories including creating a frame to hold an external air conditioning unit on the side of a shipping container, creating a frame for a banner or some cladding, running cable ducting, or attaching tube or pipe.

What exactly is Unistrut?


Unistrut and joint examples

Unistrut is actually a brand name, but similar systems are available, sold as slotted channel, channel struts or channel support systems under various other brand names. It is a fully modular and adaptable construction system allowing you to build more or less any frame, cage, support or other arrangement of these channels and the accessories, using nothing other than a metal chop saw and some basic hand tools. 

Unistrut attached to Domino Clamp

How do I attach Unistrut to a shipping container?

Our Unistrut starter kit contains everything you need to get started building a unistrut structure on your shipping container. 

First attach your Domino Clamp to the shipping container, read our instructions here if you are not familiar with these. Next, attach the two M12 cap head screws and washers.

The channel provided in the kit is the Unistrut P1000T, which has long slotted holes on its underside of 14mm diameter. These holes are large enough to allow your M12 bolt to pass through and line up with the Domino Clamp.

Since a length of perforated channel only needs two of the four M12 threads on the Domino, you can attach your starting length of channel either vertically or horizontally. So you can also attach two lengths vertically or two lengths horizontally, if you like. This can be useful when attaching tube to a shipping container using only one Domino Clamp and two Unistrut pipe clamps. 

What do I do with it now?

What you do with this kit is entirely up to you, but this will be great for mounting large objects to your shipping container or for anything which requires mounting in more positions than the Domino Clamps can offer.

Engineers from the University of Liverpool came up with a design to reduce food waste in rural Tanzania, and are using Unistrut and Domino clamps to mount solar panels on the roof of their refrigerated containers. 

Solar panels and Unistrut attachment

Have a look through the Unistrut catalogue at all the accessories and channel connection methods for inspiration, or email us with your questions and ideas.

Another important accessory that is available for the Unistrut system are pipe clamps which help you to attach a pipe or tube larger than 48mm diameter. This will allow you to attach tube horizontally or vertically to a shipping container and our kits are available to buy here.

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