Sound-proofing the generator on a containerised data center

Sound-proofing the generator on a containerised data center

Foldam Staalbouw, based in the Netherlands, provides structural steel solutions for residential and industrial construction projects and data centers. We spoke to Hatem Abdelaziz, the project manager about a recent data center project they worked on using Domino Clamps.

Genset container enclosure for data center

The data center in Paris will be home for 40 generators set (genset) shipping containers within four buildings in total once complete. Foldam Staalbouw are providing genset containers which offer acoustic sound proofing from the noise of the generator. Generator enclosures can also act as a protective barrier for generators that are being housed outdoors, or outside of their facility. The genset containers are designed to last for the length of the project, so in this project, that is a minimum of 25 years.

Hatem and Sander Tol, their head of engineering, were looking for a solution to attach the acoustic wall on top of the generator container without drilling or welding being required; this would minimise the generator noise coming into the building. A framework was built around the container to support the equipment and attach to each corner casting using Domino Clamps to ensure stability. They found Domino Clamps whilst looking for a solution on Google and it was nominated by the clients Engineering office

“The Domino Clamps were easy to work with, they were nice, and everything went smoothly. The moment we received the Domino Clamps our problem was solved! They are a good idea and design.”


The project is currently 50% complete, with the start date for the two final buildings being in September 2023 and Hatem intends to use Domino Clamps on the rest of the project as well as their other container projects in future. 

When we asked Hatem to describe Domino Clamps in three words he said, “Good workable idea!”


Great to hear from you Hatem, thanks for your feedback!

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