Kits upgraded: Aluminium scaffold tube now included

Kits upgraded: Aluminium scaffold tube now included

Good news!

All our kits which make use of a short 48mm tube or scaffold tube to fix accessories just above the container roof now include an 80cm long aluminium tube.

This means that you will have everything you need inside these kits to attach your CCTV camera, sign or floodlight.

The aluminum tubes have plastic end stops on each end to protect you from sharp edges and prevent them filling up with rain and dirt.

Why did we choose aluminium tube? 

At 80cm in length, the aluminium tubes will be plenty strong enough for these applications, and make the kits as affordable as if we had included cheaper, but much heavier steel scaffold tubes which are much more expensive to ship, particularly overseas.

Furthermore, we find that the grub screws in tube clamps bite much more easily to aluminium, making accessories much less prone to rotating within the clamp.

Do all Domino Clamp kits now include the necessary tube? 

Please note that our full height floodlight kits, which are suitable for holding one or more heavy duty floodlights up to 6.1m (21’) in the air, do not include tubes. The cost of shipping out full length scaffolding tubes is such that it will be much more practical for you to source one from nearby to where you need it.

Also our kit for attaching heras fencing does not currently include the 42mm tube to fix the heras fencing panel to.

For more information on our tube clamps, tubes and their US equivalents read our blog

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