Domino Clamps has held CSTA Accredited Member since 2020

Domino Clamps are accredited members of the CSTA



We are pleased to announce that we have become an accredited member of the Container Self-storage and Traders Association, The CSTA.  (formerly the Container Traders and Innovator’s association)

What is the CSTA?

The Container Self-Storage and Trader's Association promotes professionalism and good practice within the industries related to shipping container reuse; particularly in trading, self storage, innovation and shipping container conversion. 

As shipping container conversions and aftermarket reuse continues to boom, along with hundreds of self storage companies offering storage in shipping container lots, it’s important that there's a body maintaining standards; both for the businesses operating in the shipping container industries and of course in turn for their customers. 

What does being a CSTA member mean?

As a CSTA accredited member, you have further assurance that we:

  • Commit to high standards in all areas of our business practice
  • Trade respectfully, honestly and in good faith with our customers
  • Maintain compliance with applicable regulations, standards and safety practices

Why are Domino Clamps a Member of the CSTA?

We first met Patrick Hicks (who, along with Colin Rubery manage the organisation) at Intermodal Europe exhibition Hamburg last year, and their social afternoon was a great opportunity to meet a wide range of people working with shipping containers. It was there we learned more about what was then the CTIA, and what they were doing to bring companies working with shipping containers together for their mutual benefit. It was also the first time Patrick had a chance to see our new Domino Clamps up close. 

Although ‘innovators’ has since been dropped from the name of the company, Patrick assures us we are just as welcome to the organisation as we have ever been, and so we look forward to being part of this growing organisation and helping contribute in our own way. 

As an innovator within this growing trade body, we look forward to not only seeing more of these these standards become established and acted upon, but also to help towards them in providing our products to the market; making shipping container reuse safer, easier and more sustainable. 

Here's to keeping standards high!