Domino Clamps are made in Britain.

Domino Clamps Are Being Made in Britain


Good news for all of those who have signed up to our mailing list and emailed us already; we have secured a manufacturing partner and have begun manufacture on our sample batch of Domino Clamps. 

In the coming days and weeks, our manufacturing partner will begin to make the first handful of Domino Clamps – the smartest way to attach almost anything to shipping containers.

What’s more, we’re very proud to announce that this is all happening in Great Britain. We spoke with a number of manufacturers around the world, looked at and sampled their products, spoke to their customers and, of course, our customers to make this decision.

It was satisfying to find that the best place to make our product is here in Great Britain, the home of James Hall Naysmith who invented the steam hammer in 1842, revolutionising the drop forge process that will make our Domino Clamps.

It was always our hope to have these made in Britain, which we believe produces the highest quality forged products in the world. Our customers put an emphasis on quality and safety so we’re proud that Domino Clamps will be made in the same drop forge that makes parts for Bentley & Aston Martin cars and Rolls Royce Aerospace.

As a result, we have been granted membership of Made in Britain so you’ll see their mark on our literature and on Domino Clamps themselves.

So, what’s drop forging?

Drop forging is a process whereby rods (billets) of steel are heated up in a furnace, then placed using a long handle into a die which is the inverse, or negative, of the shape that is being made.

A large steel weight, or hammer, then drops down repeatedly onto the hot metal to press it into the shape of the die. The process is extremely hot, extremely noisy, and requires a great amount of skill. This is why we wanted one of the best drop forging companies in the world to do it for us.

The process of forging further improves the properties of the the steel, improving the grain structure of the metal from the billet it was made from and removing imperfections. To you and us, this means increased strength, toughness and resistance to fatigue.

When you use our drop forged Domino Clamps to attach almost anything to a shipping container, they will be stronger and last longer. Strength and durability are the two most important qualities we strive for so that you can confidently use Domino Clamps again and again without damage to the container or the clamp.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted of further developments.