What can old shipping containers be used for?

What can old shipping containers be used for?

When shipping containers have served their purpose, transporting goods across the world, what happens to them next? These days, shipping containers can easily be repurposed and continue to be useful for years to come. Due to escalating construction costs and commercial rent, many companies are now turning to less traditional facilities to house their business operations and shipping containers can be a very adaptable and cost effective solution.

Shipping containers repurposed as offices 

Shipping container office office before and after conversion

One of the most obvious uses is to convert the container into an office space. Whether your business is a one man band or an SME, a shipping container or series of shipping containers can easily be converted into transportable units that can be joined, stacked or have walkways added for accessibility.

Shipping container sheds and workshops 

Another common use is to replace that wooden shed at the end of your garden to a more secure, low maintenance outbuilding or workshop. Weatherproof and easily lockable, using a shipping container as a garden shed also makes packing to move home nice and easy. 


Blue Bear Storage

Shipping Containers are great for storage, particularly if it is for a short period of time. There are lots of self-storage companies using shipping containers as hireable storage units, Blue Bear Self Storage offers a range of size options with flexible rental periods starting from one month.

If you have somewhere to store a shipping container, then renting could be more convenient, with no need to travel from your business or home to to access the things you need. For a longer term solution, buying a second hand standard sized 20ft or 40ft shipping container may be a viable option. 


But what about some more innovative uses? 

Box Park Shoreditch

Boxpark, launched in Shoreditch in 2011, and was tagged as “the world’s first container mall” initially planned to be open for 5 years, it is now home to shops, bars, terraces and a late night venue, hosting over 500 events per year. Boxpark has since expanded to additional venues in Wembley and Croydon.  

There are many bars and restaurants housed inside shipping containers now. A new eco-friendly market in Camden, built out of 88 recycled shipping containers opened in March this year. The market was designed by architect Eric Reynolds, who was one of the original pioneers of Camden Market in the 1970s.

Or how about a gym?

Indigo fitness RAZE box

If you are find it difficult to justify the cost of your gym membership fees, or you would just like to exercise without the need to leave the house or mix with others during these uncertain times, a home gym could be an ideal solution and a  converted shipping container can provide a great alternative to a spare room.

Indigo Fitness is a full service solution provider, creating training spaces in ISO containers. Their very first, was developed to meet the needs of the US Marines. Since then their RAZE range has grown to offer a variety of sizes and conversion types.


Probably one of the most impressive construction plans we have seen to date is for an Econtainer Bridge at Ariel Sharon Park in Tel Aviv, measuring in at 160 meters long.  The bridge will be used by pedestrians, bicycle riders and special vehicles that will function as shuttles to transport the public from the parking areas into Hiriya Mountain Park.   

 Shipping Container Bridge

Let us know what you have used your containers for?

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