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Shipping Container Utility Pole Kit - Product Description

Use our utility pole kit to attach CCTV cameras, lighting, aerials, antennas, signs, flags, and more to the top of your shipping container.

By far the strongest and most secure method available for attaching a vertical utility pole to your shipping container.

Using the Domino Clamp provided, the utility pole securely attaches to any of the side holes of the corner castings, even if containers are stacked or when a twistlock is in use. 

Does not damage the container and can be repositioned at any time.

Can be used in conjunction with our universal floodlight and CCTV brackets to attach both CCTV cameras and flood lights above your shipping container.


Attach one or multiple items with our compatible products

Our utility pole kit is designed for compatibility with a range of our products:

Depending on your needs you can attach multiple items simultaneously like lights, Starlink dishes, CCTV cameras, banners, and more onto one utility pole.

If you would like assistance in designing your custom utility pole contact us via or simply add the brackets you need to your cart.

Key-Features: Shipping Container Utility Pole Kit

▶ 80cm Vertical aluminium pole

▶ Protective end caps for the pole provided

▶ Cables can be fed through the pole and pole clamp

▶ Can be used to attach multiple items on one pole simultaneously, such as CCTV, lights, signs and more

▶ All components fully protected for outdoor use

Technical Specifications:

Pole length:  80cm
Pole diameter: 48mm (2")



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