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Shipping Container Attachment ideas

Shipping Container Attachment Ideas.


There are so many things that Domino Clamps could help you bolt onto a container, that we haven't even thought of them all yet. In this section of the website we will be posting various different examples of how you can use Domino Clamps to attach whatever you need to a shipping container, tips and tricks, and promoting products in various sectors that attach right onto the Domino Clamps. We already have a few to show you, but we need more, and we are always excited to hear your new suggestions.

So please, if you have something specific you are having problems with, or that you would need to attach to your container, let us know via the form below. 


Jan 25, 2021 • Posted by Robert Weekley

What about a 90° Connection (Custom Drilled “Angle Iron?”), that Pairs to 2 Domino Clamps, on both End and Side Positions, in Steel, that can be used for Higher Loads, Torsion Resistance, an Combined Connection Functions)?

Mar 27, 2020 • Posted by David mills

I’m looking for some ideas to use the domino clamp I am building a container home / office in Santa Ana California .Looking for some more

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