Domino Clamps Website is Launched!

Domino Clamps Website Launches



Welcome to the brand new Domino Clamps website. This is the home of Domino Clamps – the smartest way to attach almost anything to a shipping container.
Here, you can buy Domino Clamps and other shipping container attachment accessories, and pick up tips and tricks for using our clamps to attach whatever you need to an ISO shipping container.

Domino Clamps were born out of our own need to be able to safely attach things to shipping containers without damaging the container. They’re easy to attach and dismantle and we’re excited to see how you’ll put them to use in your projects.

To get you started, we’ll be posting instructional how-to guides to fixing things to shipping containers safely and without damage using our clamps. From attaching a simple eyebolt for safety chains and detachable tension wires, to more complicated shipping container additions such as carports and structural walkways or stairs, we’ve got you covered.

Domino Clamps are made with versatility in mind, so there’s no end to the amount of things you can use them for. We’re sure you’ll come up things we haven’t even thought of yet.

We already have some amazing companies, charities and individuals who are doing all sorts of great things with reused shipping containers and Domino Clamps around the world. From building schools to attaching solar panels for renewable electricity, they’ll be using this platform to tell their stories about how Domino Clamps have made their projects possible or a lot easier.

You’ll hear from a market stall trader working out of a converted shipping container who needed a simple way to attach a sign, a rigging company looking for a safe and seamless way to fix decorative cladding to shipping containers for outdoor events and a construction company using Domino Clamps to attach temporary lighting poles to storage containers for working at night.

Very soon, we’ll be adding a suggestion form for you to send us direct requests for support with fixing whatever you need to a shipping container using Domino Clamps or suggestions for how we can develop our products.

Once you’ve got your Domino Clamps in action, send us some photos and information about how you’re using them to receive either 5% cash back or a discount on your next order.

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